Blue Mondays

The TNT network has cancelled Monday Mornings, its David E. Kelley-produced medical drama.

I'm sad.  Monday Mornings was, like a lot of Kelley's shows, quirky and funny and dramatic.  (Sometimes over-dramatic.)  And it had both Alfred Molina and Ving Rhames starring in it!  How could it possibly fail?

Maybe because TNT only greenlighted a puny six episodes.  I remember when the minimum order for a tv show would be thirteen episodes.  It never built enough of a following because TNT didn't give it time to build a following.  If you give a show a short season, you have to promote it heavily.  TNT didn't do that either.  The show was sort of like a meteor:  It came, it glowed brilliantly for a few seconds, and then it was gone.

Hopefully even the half-a-sandwich season it had will show up on DVD or Netflix eventually.  Give it a watch if you get a chance.

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