Teapots Galoreous

Via chineseclayart.com's newsletter, a link to a teapot art exhibition.

While some of the teapots are done in a rough, thrown-together style that I find ugly, most of the teapots are striking and a goodly number outstanding. Some are barely recognizable as teapots (the aardvark teapot, for one), some use the basic form but a dissonant theme (the gear-wheels teapot), and some are just plain beautiful (the persimmon teapot, shown below).


Announcement, With Mixed Feelings

I've started the paperwork to retire from the Postal Service, effective the beginning of June.

I could say quite a great deal about what led to this decision, but it would probably get me in trouble with my bosses if I actually wrote about it right now. (More details, possibly, after I'm actually retired.)

I'll just say this much: When a bad business plan creates a hostile work environment, there's hope that it can be rectified.

When creating a hostile work environment is the business plan, it's time to go.

Financially, it's not the best time to retire. I'd figured probably another three or four years, to clear off debt and pay the mortgage down (with a possible refinance to reduce payments on the remainder), before retirement. At that point, I'd be able to make ends meet with a part-time job.

As it is, while working to get all the retirement papers (there are a lot) completed, I'm also job-hunting for a new full-time job.

I'm aiming to get back into office/clerical work (I was a legal secretary before getting the letter carrier job, and a company clerk in the Army before that), so I'm trying to brush up on old skills (my typing speed has gone a bit downhill since I was doing it for hours every day thirty years ago) and learn new ones (Microsoft Office seems to be the default software for businesses; I've had some experience with Word -- though I prefer WordPerfect by a wide margin -- but I'll have to install Office and get a good teach-yourself book for Excel and the other Office programs).

Browsing the job listings online, I've actually been surprised at how many jobs might be available. One of the things I did was sit down with a map and figure out how many large businesses are within a reasonable commuting distance. I've already submitted three applications, the farthest being less than eight miles away. I'll be submitting more between now and my actual retirement date.

And if all else fails, I know from friends and family's experience that if you have a clean background, reliable transportation, and are willing to work odd hours, there is always, always, always security guard work available.

Wish me luck.