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*Coff* *Hack* *Wheeze*

Today's strip from Sinfest pretty much nails how my last few days have been.  (Well, except that when I'm fighting giant spiders with a sword, I'm generally not wearing a cute little blouse-and-skirt outfit.)

A new twist to this latest flu, mega-cold, or whatever it is, is that the associated fever and inflammation seems to have set off a reoccurrence of the hip bursitis I had about five years ago, on top of all the other symptoms. Not fun. Not fun at all. I don't like to take narcotic pain-killers except as a last resort; for this, I ended up taking T-3's (Tylenol with codeine).

I happened to have an appointment with an ENT doctor on Friday, for unrelated reasons, but he prescribed antibiotics for the crud I was having, and there's been vast improvement since then. I'll probably be back at work tonight.