*Coff* *Hack* *Wheeze*

Today's strip from Sinfest pretty much nails how my last few days have been.  (Well, except that when I'm fighting giant spiders with a sword, I'm generally not wearing a cute little blouse-and-skirt outfit.)

A new twist to this latest flu, mega-cold, or whatever it is, is that the associated fever and inflammation seems to have set off a reoccurrence of the hip bursitis I had about five years ago, on top of all the other symptoms. Not fun. Not fun at all. I don't like to take narcotic pain-killers except as a last resort; for this, I ended up taking T-3's (Tylenol with codeine).

I happened to have an appointment with an ENT doctor on Friday, for unrelated reasons, but he prescribed antibiotics for the crud I was having, and there's been vast improvement since then. I'll probably be back at work tonight.

(Going back to work is less pleasant than it used to be. This news item took place the night I was off sick. I've been predicting that something like this would happen for months. I was right.) (Anything further I could say here, and I could say a lot, would probably get me fired.)

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