This Blog Is Not Dead

Just not very active right now. (Yeesh! Over a month since the last post?)

There are some big decisions and big changes coming up in our personal lives in the months ahead. More on that, eventually. (It's good news, really.)

But the real reason I wanted to put a quick note in here is to report that last Saturday, July 21st, Hilde and I had our 30th anniversary. (And here most of our friends thought we wouldn't last more than two years together. I should have placed bets.)

That old chestnut about love growing stronger over time? It's actually true, sometimes. I can't imagine ever, in some other timeline, spending my life with anyone else. I was an emotionally stunted guy who wasn't even sure he could love someone else, and was positive that certainly no one would ever be able to love him.

Hilde proved me wrong on both counts. What a wonderful woman. (What a strange woman.)