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Will Be Your Fault

Technical Difficulties

The vast hordes of lurkers on this blog have no doubt noticed that there was no "Sunday Morning Cat Blogging" here last Sunday. There won't be any tomorrow, either.

The router that connected my usual computer to the house's high speed connection got fried by a power outage. And the replacement router I bought turned out not to work. (Since the little box gets hot enough that you literally can't touch it for more than a few seconds, I suspect it's defective. Unless it got packaged incorrectly, and was actually supposed to be a space heater.)

So I'm currently using our housemate's machine, the one that's the hub to all the other computers. But it doesn't have the Bloggerbot utility in it, so I won't be posting photos again until I get a second new router. (Probably Monday.)

Yeh, I could download Bloggerbot onto this machine, but I have an allergy to putting software onto other people's machines.

(Back quite a few years ago, when our son was still living with us, one of his friends stayed with us for several months. He fancied himself computer-proficient, and one day he decided, "I bet Bruce and Hilde would really like this database program I use. In fact, I'm so sure they'll like it, that I don't need to ask whether they'd like me to install it on their computer. And because it's such a great program, I'm sure they won't mind if I go ahead and delete the program they've been using for the past several years at the same time.")

(He's dead now. I didn't kill him, honest. Several months after he left our house and moved to Los Angeles, he got in between a drive-by shooter and the shooter's target. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Normal blogging will resume as soon as possible. (I've had a number of text posts I've wanted to make in the last several weeks, but have been short on time and energy as well. Overtime at work helps pay down debt, but it's a pain when you want to do other things with your life too.)


The Amazing Adventures of Helium Girl

From the latest Phoenix New Times. "Zero Tolerance" at work.

Another Question I'd Like To Hear Asked

"Mister President, if you lose the election in November, which community college do you plan to attend, and what 'twenty-first century job' do you want to train for?"


Telling The Difference

Here's "Colin Powell", a 2-year old Bombay who won 2004 Cat of the Year, with his owner John Clark. Also pictured is the original Colin Powell, Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State is the one who does what he's told.

Photo from Reuters. Posted by Hello

Sunday Morning Cat Blogging

Top to bottom: Bastet, Gremlin, Shadow Posted by Hello


Art Imitates Life

Remember when Bush dressed up in a flight suit to land on that aircraft carrier with the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner?

I guess Rush Limbaugh has been jealous. The painted cover of the October 2004 issue of THE LIMBAUGH LETTER portrays Rush in the uniform of a four-star general.

Pretty impressive promotion (self-promotion?) for someone who was kept out of the military altgether by an oozing asscrack.

(You can't really distinguish the stars on the uniform in the website's picture, but trust me, they're hard to miss on the actual magazine.)


The Question I'd Like To Hear Asked

"Mister President, with American dead in Iraq now exceeding one thousand, do you regret daring Iraqi insurgents to attack and kill American soldiers with your 'Bring it on' statement last year?"


Arnie Katz, Deflater of Egos

In Flicker #3, Arnie Katz's online fanzine, Arnie writes the following, as part of a piece about the Bring Bruce [Gillespie] Bayside Fund:

"Next, someone might write a nostalgic essay about Bruce Pelz, or Bruce D. Arthurs, or even Bruce Telzer."

Okay, I guess it's official: I'm old. I'm historical. I'm the potential subject of... nostalgic... essays. And here I was hoping that the stories from my misspent youth might eventually be displaced by deeper, more mature stories from my misspent middle age, with possible great insights and wisdom to come forth from my future, hopefully still misspent, geriatric years.

And by the way: Who the heck was Bruce Telzer?


Testing, Testing . . .

This is a test for the Hello/BloggerBot utility for adding photos to Blogspot blogs. Pictured are Big Kitty (the stuffed one) and Gremlin, our Siamese. Posted by Hello

Hey, it works!

It's not a real blog without pictures of your cats....