Arnie Katz, Deflater of Egos

In Flicker #3, Arnie Katz's online fanzine, Arnie writes the following, as part of a piece about the Bring Bruce [Gillespie] Bayside Fund:

"Next, someone might write a nostalgic essay about Bruce Pelz, or Bruce D. Arthurs, or even Bruce Telzer."

Okay, I guess it's official: I'm old. I'm historical. I'm the potential subject of... nostalgic... essays. And here I was hoping that the stories from my misspent youth might eventually be displaced by deeper, more mature stories from my misspent middle age, with possible great insights and wisdom to come forth from my future, hopefully still misspent, geriatric years.

And by the way: Who the heck was Bruce Telzer?

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