Technical Difficulties

The vast hordes of lurkers on this blog have no doubt noticed that there was no "Sunday Morning Cat Blogging" here last Sunday. There won't be any tomorrow, either.

The router that connected my usual computer to the house's high speed connection got fried by a power outage. And the replacement router I bought turned out not to work. (Since the little box gets hot enough that you literally can't touch it for more than a few seconds, I suspect it's defective. Unless it got packaged incorrectly, and was actually supposed to be a space heater.)

So I'm currently using our housemate's machine, the one that's the hub to all the other computers. But it doesn't have the Bloggerbot utility in it, so I won't be posting photos again until I get a second new router. (Probably Monday.)

Yeh, I could download Bloggerbot onto this machine, but I have an allergy to putting software onto other people's machines.

(Back quite a few years ago, when our son was still living with us, one of his friends stayed with us for several months. He fancied himself computer-proficient, and one day he decided, "I bet Bruce and Hilde would really like this database program I use. In fact, I'm so sure they'll like it, that I don't need to ask whether they'd like me to install it on their computer. And because it's such a great program, I'm sure they won't mind if I go ahead and delete the program they've been using for the past several years at the same time.")

(He's dead now. I didn't kill him, honest. Several months after he left our house and moved to Los Angeles, he got in between a drive-by shooter and the shooter's target. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Normal blogging will resume as soon as possible. (I've had a number of text posts I've wanted to make in the last several weeks, but have been short on time and energy as well. Overtime at work helps pay down debt, but it's a pain when you want to do other things with your life too.)

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