The Government Shutdown Hits Home

We've been pretty lucky in that the government shutdown hasn't hit us directly up to now.  There are government resources we've used in the past that aren't available at the moment, but we're also not in dire need of them right now.

Our son Chris moved back from Nevada and in with us a few months ago.  He's been working as a security guard for years, but took Pharmaceutical Technician courses last year and did well in them.  He's been applying to pharmacy positions since he moved back in here, but hasn't had any luck so far.  So he decided to go back to security work again to have some income.

He applied to the same contract-security firm that several of our housemates work for, and was accepted.  But he had to renew his Arizona security guard license first.  He sent in his renewal application and fee just before the federal shutdown began.

The license renewal required a background check.  Whoops!  It turns out the federal database the background check goes through isn't unavailable while the shutdown lasts, but apparently the support system (actual humans) around that database has been reduced to essential personnel, causing a significant slowdown.  No wonder the new license (application processing usually takes about a week) hasn't shown up in the mail yet.  No estimate available on when it might

Besides affecting Chris, I presume this applies to anyone newly applying for security work with a firm that contracts out its services.  So unless you already have an up-to-date license, you can't get hired for most security positions without a long wait.

(This doesn't apply to me in my own security job, because my workplace hires most of its security personnel directly, rather than contracting with other companies.  No license required in that case.)

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Casi said...

I'm pretty sure that it is holding up the decision for the job that I applied for. I've still been working toward it - lots of essays to write - but I have everything I need to get back into the classroom, and so far they haven't let me.

I know they need a background check, but in addition the school district that I'm in gets a lot of funding from the government, so they might be waiting until the funding comes back.