Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

I'm just a little pissed at the current status of hostage negotiations in Washington, DC.  No, "pissed" doesn't cover it.  I'm enraged.

Are we really -- REALLY? -- going to let a batch of crazed extremists set off a fiscal bomb that may cripple, not just the American economy, but the world economy?   Because they think poor people don't deserve medical care?

This isn't just lunacy.  It's criminal lunacy.

Words like "extortion" and "sedition" have been used to describe the Tea Party congressmen behind this situation.  I think those words have meaning.  I think those words are accurate in this situation.

Those words are also the names of actual crimes.  I believe the Tea Party faction of Congress are criminals, with criminal intent, and actually in the process of committing criminal acts.

Which means it's not John Boehner who can put an end to this.  It's not President Obama.  It's this guy:


That is Kim Dine, Chief of the US Capitol Police.  It's his job to uphold the law, keep the peace, and protect the public on the grounds of the US Capitol.

There are crimes being committed in your jurisdiction, Chief Dine.  It's in progress at this very moment.   It's on your watch.  It falls under your authority.

You have a duty to uphold the law.  You have an obligation to protect the country.  You have an oath to honor.

Arrest these criminals, Chief Dine.  You have the authority, you have the duty, you have the moral and legal obligation.  Do your  job.  Save this country.  Save the world.

- - - - -

"Wait, what?  You can't arrest Congressmen!"

Really?  Because here's a photo of Congressman Raul Grivalda being arrested on October 8th:

Grivalda was arrested for taking part in an immigration protest and blocking traffic.   But there are dozens of Tea Party Republicans blocking the entire governmental process, and nothing is happening to them

That is unconscionable.  I want to see these criminal bastards in handcuffs, in custody, and in prison.

- - - - -

Well, I said I was enraged, didn't I?

For a unicorn chaser from a calmer voice, An American Editor has a very interesting post about "The Illogical Republican".  AAE usually posts about the business of being a professional editor, but in this particular post he uses that professional perpective to speculate that Tea Party extremists may lack a capacity for effective "self-editing" of their thoughts and beliefs.  Essentially, Tea Partiers have brains filled with bad writing.

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