Stepping Back Is A Step Forward

Last night, I completed a short story, "After The Stomp".

Only about 2,000 words, but it's the first story I've completed since 2006.  I've done a number of notes and fragments for other stories since 2006, but none have been completed until now.

(Why, and why so long?  Ummm, because... reasons!  That's why.)

"After The Stomp" is my own take on the zombie apocalypse, from the POV of a cockroach.  I'll have to see if I can get it marketed and sold before zombies become passe'.  (Assuming that my writing a zombie apocalypse story doesn't mean they're already passe'.)

But I'm cautiously stoked about finally finishing something again.  We'll see if I can continue this trend....

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D Gary Grady said...

Awhile back I said something to the effect that while romance novels might feature vampires and werewolves as the heroine's love interests, we could at least be pretty sure we wouldn't see zombies in that position. I've been told that I was wrong, that in fact zombies have been romance novel heroes. Allegedly the explanation is that with a zombie boyfriend a woman could at last be confident that a man wanted her for her brain.