Teapots 2012

I'm not a teapot collector, but I've gotten into the habit of following some of the teapot-competitions in the ceramic art world.  Big Fish, Small Pot V, the fifth annual competition by the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA, is running thru June.

The link goes to a slide show of the entries.  The Grand Prize winner is this one:

Between East and West by Natasha Dikareva

The nice thing about this particular teapot winning is that it has good function as well as good form.  The artist used a variety of techniques in its design and decoration, AND it will not only hold a decent amount of tea, but it looks like it would be easy to both fill and to rinse out after use.  Some of the other entries, not so much:

Celtic Tea by Troy Norton

Mine by Ian Rylatt

The "Celtic Tea" entry won First Place.  On technical grounds it's pretty impressive (I wonder how many versions he had to make before one came out of the kiln in one piece?), but as an art piece it doesn't thrill me and as a teapot it doesn't look very functional.

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