Bruce and Hilde See A Movie. World Comes To End.

'Cause that never happens.  I think the last time we went to see a movie at the theater was Master and Commander (2003).  Because it's friggin' expensive, and because we seem to have grown into being one of those old couples who never -- well, almost never -- do anything spontaneous or fun outside the house.

So what got us out of the non-theater habit yesterday?  Being back to work full-time, with better pay than before, definitely made it more comfortable from a financial viewpoint.  ("Mad Money": We have a little bit, for a change.)  So what did we actually go to see, even at theater prices?

The same movie everyone else in the entire world saw last weekend, or will go to see in the next few weeks:  THE AVENGERS

It's a comic-book movie, and full of Magic Science and other comic book tropes that don't bear too much thinking about.  But it's a great comic-book movie, with slam-bang action, numerous quotable lines of dialogue, and great special effects.

The moment when I willingly suspended my disbelief, though, was when the "aircraft carrier" turned out to be the S.H.I.E.L.D Heli-Carrier from the original comics:

I read those original comics back in the 1960's where Nick Fury was recruited into SHIELD and found himself in a flying aircraft carrier.  Even back then, even as a kid, I recognized that a flying aircraft carrier was impossible, was ridiculous, was absurd. But when that sucker lifted out of the water on the movie screen, I believed an aircraft carier could fly.  Writer/director Joss Whedon caught me up and carried me along on his thrill ride.   Good work, Joss.

Also, Mark Ruffalo:  Best Hulk Ever.

"Puny theater person charge Hulk five dollars for soda?  Is puny theater person certain about price?"

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