Because If I Don't Make A Post Soon...

...the Blogosphere Police will break down my door and take my computer away for neglect.

I've been busy with job-hunting (there'll be a post about that soon), dealing with having our minivan stolen (and recovered, with damage; there'll be a post about that, too), getting one of my short stories re-optioned for film (there'll be a post...), exercising (there'll be...), house repairs (there'll...), a bit of reading (LITTLE BROTHER, PERSEOPOLIS, RAINBOWS END, a few others in progress or scheduled for soon; there'll be reviews and commentary eventually), and all the other zillion and one things that keep on happening.

In the meantime a few odds and ends I've been meaning to post:

= = = = =

I've been using Blogger Play frequently as a temporary screensaver for times when I'm not actually doing anything on the Internet. Blogger Play is a feature of Blogger (the blogging site behind Undulant Fever and a few million other blogs) that provides a continuous feed of images that have been posted to Blogger blogs. A lot of family snapshots, baby pictures, travel photos, and just about anything else you might imagine; quite interesting, actually.

And occasionally, some image that makes you say "WTF?", pause Blogger Play, and backtrack to the originating blog to find out what the heck that's about.

Like this one, that made me consider the idea of Victor Frankenstein having somehow end up reanimating the corpse of John F. Kennedy:

(This came from the blog of a woman who makes quilts with a "stained glass applique" technique. Most of her work is in vibrant reds and yellows and bright colors, picturing cats and other animals, quite pretty. But this particular work... oh, man, what was she thinking with those color choices? All that's missing are the neck bolts to complete the "reanimated corpse" look.)

Another image snatched from Blogger Play below. I think this one needs no comment:

I've been composing occasional LolCats on the I Can Has Cheezburger site, at times when I've been fucking off... err, *koff*, *ahem*... I mean when I have a few spare moments. The "Mirror-Universe Oz" pic I posted a while back was one of them. Here's a few more:

funny pictures

funny pictures

And how can I resist a few of Our Embarassing President?:

funny pictures

funny pictures

More to come, eventually.


talpianna said...

Have they used any of your LOLcats? I have an idea for one myself that I may submit.

Jeri said...

I felt like writer cat about 30 days after last year's NaNoWriMo. :)

Thanks for wandering by my blog - were you at Worldcon?