Project Rooftop: Geek Eye For The Caped Guy

Project Rooftop is a comics/art blog dedicated, not to superhero comics writing or stories, and not to comics art per se, but specificially to superhero costume design. As such, they've run several competitions asking for costume re-designs on popular superheroes: Robin, Wonder Woman, Impulse, and most recently, the daddy of them all, Superman.

Drew Blom's steampunkish "Man of Steam", shown above, was one of the entries. Other entries can be found here and here. (The second link is for the "Honorable Mentions". I'm not the only person who thought some of the Honorable Mentions were as good as or better -- Drew Blom's entry ended up in the HM category -- than some of the winners in the first link.)

This is Seriously Cool Stuff, especially if you're an old comics fan (I bought the very first Spiderman story off the spinner rack at a local grocery; yes, I'm that old) and even if you're not.

(Who would I like to see Project Rooftop re-design? Easy choice: Adam Strange. I liked the character, but even as a kid I thought his costume looked, well, dumb. (C'mon, a fin on his head?)


talpianna said...

Some of them look awfully gay. I didn't see any that I consider an improvement on the original.

The one you picked would be perfect if Metropolis was actually in Ruritania.

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by a lot of the costume designs-- especially that some of them were made that way partly for practical, as well as fashionable, reasons.

But, being a lifelong Boy Wonder fan, all I can really say is FDAJKFLEAFKASELFJDASKL ROBIN ROBIN ROBIN ROBIN ROBIN.

Thanks for linking us to this!

--Jaydee Faire