Working Vacation

I've been at home all this last week, which is why I haven't had any time to post new entries here.

No, really. I've taken four weeks leave from work to catch up with some major obligations and overdue projects.

The major obligation, as a glance at the calendar will tell you, is getting income taxes done. So, have I gotten all the information together, entered into the tax program, printed out the results, and gotten everything ready to put in the mail by Monday's deadline?

Ahem. Yeh, and horses will give birth to chickens, too.

Trying to get taxes done, though, meant that I did get one of the major projects on my list done: Cleaning up, organizing, and filing everything in the office, which has been, umm, way behind. ("Hey! There's a floor in here!" That was amusing when the first person said it; not so much, the second.) Which means that, as far as I've gotten on them, I've been able to now find the information I need for figuring taxes.

Other major projects on line, after I really do finish off the taxes, include painting the outside of the house (long overdue), and redoing/repainting the master bedroom's bathroom (also long overdue). And, if there's still time left before I have to head back to work on May 8th, going back into the office, moving everything out, ripping up the ghastly red shag carpeting (last of the original carpeting from the previous owners before we moved here in 1985) and replacing it with tile, painting the walls, and installing adjustable shelving along the north wall of the office.

I'll try and do a few posts in the odd spare moments (I've had several in mind) between slugging away at the to-do list. But it will probably be fairly skimpy on blog posts here for the next three weeks.

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