Crassphemy, Revisited

Back in June of 2005, I posted an entry, Crassphemy, regarding a news item about a French shoe designer producing shoes decorated with Hindu mythological art, including depictions of Hindu gods. Some Hindus were upset, and legal action was threatened.

Some late comments, from a Hindu, just showed up on the entry. The commenter noted something that explained much more clearly than the original news item did about why Hindus would be upset by the shoes:
In Hinduism, we dont touch anything/anybody with our legs. We consider each person/thing associated with God and if we touch them with our legs it means we might be kicking God. In the same context Lord Rama is God for us Hindus, so when we don't even touch others with our legs, how can we be quiet when our God's picture is appearing on the footwear.

This is a belief that I had never heard about Hinduism, and one that wasn't mentioned in the news item. And it makes the strong reaction to the shoes a lot more understandable.

The excerpt above is only part of the comment. It's the type of comment I like to receive. It disagrees with what I said, but it does so politely and by presenting facts and sincere opinions. This is a great comment.

I just wish the commenter had included a name, rather than posting as "anonymous". I tend to associate "anonymous" comments with drive-by snarkings and trollings; this wasn't one. Even a nom de internet would have been better.

And, rather than just saying, "Hey, thanks", I'd like to be able to say, "Hey, thanks, _______. Feel free to drop by again."

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