I Have No Idea. . .

. . .why everything in this blog after the header is suddenly appearing underlined and/or boldfaced.

Update, 6/23/05: I checked the template, per Patrick Connor's suggestion, but didn't find anything that, so far as I could tell, would account for the universal underlining after the header. (Didn't really expect to, since the last time I made any changes to the template was when I updated some links on the blogroll, months ago.)

So I decided to try changing templates. Seems to have worked, except that the profile is now underlined. I can live with that, if the rest of the blog stays okay. Now I'll have to reinsert the blogroll info and the Malzberg quote.

AND... when the Malzberg quote came out underlined, I checked again, and found an end-underline command in the template, WITHOUT -- search as I might -- a begin-underline command anywhere before it in the template. But by moving that end-underline command before everything in the sidebar, I seem to have gotten everything back the way it should be.


I was getting a little tired of the "Scribe" template anyway, so we'll stick with this "Sand Dollar" for a while.

Re-Update, 6/25/05: Well, fooey. The more recent posts are okay, but now everything from the "HEY KIDS!" entry and after is underlined again. [scratches head]

[a few minutes later] Found it. Missing closing HTML for the title on the 'HEY KIDS!" post. I'm scrabbling up the learning curve bit by bit.


Patrick Connors said...

I haven't completely tracked it down either, but I think it's in your template, in or somewhere above the Malzberg quote.

Look carefully at the last thing you added to the template; that's likely to be where the typo is located.

Anonymous said...

I found your link on http://roxanne.typepad.com/rantrave/2005/06/write_your_own__15.html. I checked out your site because I love your caption for the photo of Laura Bush with Elmo. I read some of your others and several of your posts. Most of which made me laugh outloud. Thanks!

Oh, by the way, I have no idea either. Hope you figure it out.