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I've updated the blogroll over on the sidebar, correcting the URL for Avedon Carol's The Sideshow.

I've also added some additional blogs, that I've started cruising pretty regularly, to the list: Will Shetterly's It's All One Thing (mostly about writing, with religion and politics on the side), Steve Gilliard's News Blog (self-explanatory; occasionally overblown and strident, but almost always interesting commentary on politics and news), and Rox Populi.

I particularly like Rox Populi, not just because it has decent and intelligent commentary on politics, and a lot of links to interesting news items and websites, but because it has...

...a daily "Write Your Own Caption" contest!

Back when I first started browsing the Web, one of the regular habits I picked up was to submit entries to the weekly "Insert Caption" contest on Moviefone.com, where they posted a still photo from a current (usually crappy) movie and invited browsers to submit appropriate/inappropriate/wildly-inappropriate captions. The week's selected winner got a free pair of movie tickets. (I won a few times, and had some runner-ups.)

But then, without warning, the Moviefone website was reorganized, and the "Insert Caption" contest was eliminated. Now, far be it from me to say what The Bastards! The Dirty, Rotten, Stinking Bastards! can or can't do with their own website, but, hey, I enjoyed that contest.

There are other insert-caption contests around, but the (newsphoto-inspired) entries on Rox Populi are some of the best I've seen. It helps a lot that her readership includes a lot of smartasses backed up by intelligence.

Some samples here and here.

Now if only she gave out movie tickets for the best caption....

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