Retrospective, Prospective, Perspective

2012, the Good: Changed jobs, ended up with more pay, shorter commute, a lot less stress.  Financially more comfortable.  Completed several short stories near the end of the year; it's been... awhile... since I've managed that.  Hilde continued a several-years long streak of NOT having major health issues or surgery.

2012, the Bad:  Had serious health issues of my own for the first time in several years.  A heart attack scare in October  had me in hospital for several days.  Then a bad fall at work on December 10th left me with a badly broken arm, resulting in the head and upper shaft of the humerus being replaced with metal and plastic.  (I figure I'm about 2% Cyberman at this point.)  Also had some old emotional baggage come back around and bite me in the ass about mid-year.  And health problems, and deaths, among friends and relatives.

The specific resolutions I made last year were 1) to try and write more, and 2) to get the backyard garden re-established after several years of neglect.  Succeeded with the first, tho' not as much as 'd hoped.  The garden never got worked on; if I hadn't broken my arm, I'd have had an entire week off work over Christmas/New Year's holidays, and I'd hoped to do a lot of the heavy cleanup work on the garden and the rest of the backyard then.  It'll probably be be another month, and a lot of PT, before I can start using that arm again in a fairly normal manner.  I'll try for a spring garden if I can.  (I find gardening a good stress-relief activity.)

The general resolution last year was to try and get more stuff done, more quickly.  As noted, only partially successful.

This coming year, besides the garden, I want to continue writing, and writing more regularly.  So I'm going to try a modified version of Nanowrimo; instead of trying to write 50,000 words in one month, I'm going to try and write at least 365 words every day for the entire year; that's only about a page-and-a-half per day, but at the end of a year it adds up to more than 133,000 words.

I also want -- actually, I need -- to work on my general health.  I gained back about 15-20 pounds during 2012, enough that I notice that extra weight I'm carrying around (mostly around my waist).  So I need to both watch what I eat more carefully, and exercise more and more often.

And that old emotional baggage needs work.  I've been avoiding it, because it's not going to be painless, or pretty.  It needs to be addressed, but how it should be addressed has been a stumbling block for months.  I'll almost certainly end up saying some unpleasant but true things about myself; I may end up saying some unpleasant but true things about other people as well.

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