Scraps & Fragments: When The Heck Did I Write This?

Over the years, I've written down notes and portions of unfinished stories on various notepads and scraps of paper.  And a lot of those notepads and scraps have gotten misplaced or buried over the years.

Looking for a pad to jot a grocery list down, I came across one of those old notepads, and the fragment of a story on one of the pages.  It's in my handwriting, and I have no memory at all of writing it.  From things written on some of the other pages, it's at least several years old, possibly a lot longer.

But I think the fragment is a pretty cool start to something, and I'll make sure it gets into the "Story Notes" file on my computer for possible further work.  In the meantime, I present it here:

     "The entire month?"
     "Yes.  Missing.  Removed from the Chronostream."
     "Where the hell would he put it?"
     "I don't know.  But if it's not back in place before midnight on the last day of September, the past's momentum will crash it into the last second of that last day."
     "Everything will happen at once."
     "Sounds. . . hectic."
     "Worse than that.  The reason time exists is to spread out the energy of the Big Bang and allow matter to exist.  If time stops at the end of September, all the past's energy will be squeezed into that last second."
     "Essentially the universe will implode.  It would be like the Big Bang in reverse."

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