Library Update, and other stuff

Ack, it's been a busy last few weeks, and I've kept running out of time to make new posts here.

The Foothills Library "expansion" (as in gut, downsize and relocate to smaller quarters in a different facility) proposal I've been writing about recently came before the Glendale City Council on March 17th. In the face of an overwhelming public response against the proposal, the council voted unanimously to remove the proposal from consideration. So Foothills Library is safe for now. The question still remains, why was this awful proposal ever given any consideration in the first place? (I may write more about that when I get time.)

- - - - -

I'm going to admit defeat on the idea of making a regular "Weekly Links"post. I'll go back to making irregular posts and links to things that catch my interest. I have a stack of notes and URL's, so some posts will probably appear in the next few days.

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