Slow Adapter Adapts, Slowly

I guess it would help to actually let people know about this:

 3 minutes ago3 minutes ago I have succumbed to the concise side of the Force, and signed up for Twitter.

But you still can't make me sign up for Facebook.  There are limits.

I've been following a few people's Twitter accounts manually, but the final push to sign up came from the city of Glendale (Arizona; there are a lot of Glendales) proposing what they call an "expansion of library services".

This "expansion" involves selling off the Foothills Branch Library building (the one Hilde and I use) at a substantial loss, gutting the book collection by 140,000 books, and shoving the remainder into an 80% smaller space at a nearby recreation center.  There's much, much more to the story, mostly enraging, and it's still developing. A lot of people are very upset, myself included, and Twitter is one of the primary venues for coordinating and communicating. I'll probably have a lot more to say about it after a public meeting tomorrow evening.

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Casi said...

They tried to do this with the Northside branch in Sioux City. Last time I was home they hadn't closed it yet. I'll bet they have by now.

I hope that you manage to keep your branch open.