Dick Tracy Gets Funky

The long-long-long-running daily comic strip DICK TRACY  has recently been featuring crossovers with characters from other comic strips (Daddy Warbucks from LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE is one recent crossover character). But the crossover character in the most recent story arc is...


Wait, what? Sad-sack schmoe Funky Winkerbean? Really? Did Mike Curtis, the Tracy strip's current writer, lose a bar bet?

Well, actually, it does make a kind of sense.

Considering that Dick Tracy has encountered villains with names like Pinkie, Bookie, Junky, Laffy, Shaky, Itchy, Wormy, Pantsy, Spready, Tapsy, Hairy, Bulky, Lispy, Bony, and more, should anyone really be surprised that Tracy would eventually run into someone named “Funky”?

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