Five Hundred

This is the 500th post to UNDULANT FEVER since I began on June 30th, 2004.  A bit over one post per week, on average.

I didn't start keeping track of statistics for the blog until 2008.  Judging from those stats, the best way to increase pageviews for your blog is to write about teapots.  "Two-Fer Teapots" , from 2010, has the second-most pageviews (273).  Other posts about teapot-based ceramic competitions also have high pageviews.

I could probably increase pageviews more by adding keywords to posts, and just by talking it up more out in the real world.  A few posts, like my "Shots In The Dark" and "Lunatics, Imbeciles, and Saboteurs" have been linked to a few times by other blogs.  Most posts get ten or twenty page views, then taper off.  I find myself and my opinions fascinating, but not so much by most people, apparently.

But I've been writing things like this blog long before blogs existed.  I started publishing fanzines and personalzines back in the 1970's, on that old-fashioned "paper" stuff.  (The title UNDULANT FEVER was originally used for a paper personalzine.)  It's a place to leave a record of my life and thoughts.  So it's not a habit I'm likely to break anytime soon.