The Arm: First X-Rays

I finally got a copy of the x-rays from my original trip to the ER back in December.  This is what my shoulder looked like then.
Just to clear up any confusion, a shoulder is not supposed to look like that.  That has more in common with a train wreck than a normal shoulder.  Yeesh.
In other recovery news, started the "active" phase of physical therapy.  Discomfort and pain levels have gone back up, enough to start taking oxycodone again at night to sleep.  Improvement is slower than I'd like.  Also found out from my boss at work that if I don't recover enough strength and range of motion in that arm to be able to work without restrictions,I probably won't be able to return to the security work I was doing.  Whether I'd be able to move into some other position at the same company is questionable.  Life get complicated and uncertain.

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