Life Sucks At The Moment, But It Beats The Alternative

Chest pains suck. Ambulance rides suck. ERs suck. Hospital rooms suck. More when I get back home.

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Will Shetterly said...

Here's hoping for less suck soon...

Don Fitch said...

ggrouYup. I remember all that, with displeasure, from my first heart attack, something like twenty years ago. Best Wishes,

Don Fitch

D Gary Grady said...

Sorry to hear it! I was in an ER myself just two weeks ago and the experience was less sucky than yours, at least once they gave me pain meds.

The one time I was hospitalized for chest pains some years ago an attractive nurse gave me an EKG in the middle of the night, then as she was helping me back into my hospital gown asked, "Would you like for me to tie you up?"

Anyway, get well fast!