But Wait! There's Good News Too!

In contrast to the previous "Black Candles" post, there are actually positive things happening.

I had a job interview earlier this week, for a Security position at a popular sports-equipment manufacturer's facility.  Got the word this afternoon that I'd been selected for the position.

I'm pretty enthusiastic about the new job.  The commute will be about half what I'd been doing before, the pay starts at fifty cents an hour more than I'd been getting, and -- whoo-hoo! -- no damn drunks to deal with*.  In the morning I go in for physical and drug-screening and paperwork, and there'll be a background check, but I expect to actually be working there within a few days.

So color me pleased.

*I used to think I disliked drunks.  But then I started working at that upscale shopping center with the over-serving bars, and had to deal with drunks on a frequent basis.  I learned there that I don't dislike drunks; I despise them.

(photo is by ScooterZen, from stock.xchng)

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