Occupy Phoenix, 10/15/2011

I wasn't able to make it to the Occupy Phoenix event yesterday, but Flickr member Ronald Morrison posted a large photo-set at Flickr.  With permission, some of his photos below:

Full set of Morrison's Occupy Phoenix photos here.  Looks like it was a pretty peaceful event.  Well, yeah, but then there were these jerks:

These are some of the "Border Guards" group who showed up, ostensibly to "protect everyone".  Yeah, right.  You not only show up with semi-automatic weapons at a protest that specifically emphasizes non-violence, you bring your friggin' pit bull with you?  Give me a break.

What these guys show up for isn't protection or protest.  They show up for intimidation.  They show up because it's fun to make people nervous, it's fun to make people afraid. They show up to display their manly macho manliness.  They show up because it makes their little tiny dicks hard. 

Those aren't military uniforms they're wearing.  Those are fetish costumes.  They couldn't be more obvious if they were wearing ballgags, leather harnesses, and butt plugs.

Go back to to the border, so-called Border Guards.  You're over a hundred miles off-course.  But then, that's pretty much a description of your entire life, isn't it?

UPDATE:  After posting the above, I found an updated timeline for Occupy Phoenix at Downtown Devil .  Apparently police moved in late last night and arrested about 40 protesters who were refusing to leave Hance Park.  One person pepper-sprayed, but overall still seems to have been mostly non-violent.

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