Hilde's Hearing: Update

Since I mentioned, downblog, the major problems Hilde was having with her hearing following a bout with the nasty virus that seems to be hitting everyone...

...there has been some improvement. She can hear me talking to her now if I talk loudly and directly, rather than my having to shout!

But she is still having problems strong enough (she describes the tinnitus as "like being locked in a metal-lined room with cicadas") that she'll be seeing an ENT specialist at the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic in a few weeks.

It's uncertain, at this point, how much of the problem may be from actual damage to the inner ear, and how much comes from the continued congestion and sinus pressure from that virus. The bug, from the anecdotal evidence of both local and online acquaintances, seems to have an acute phase lasting about a week, followed by a long phase where you can function again but still have a diluted version of the acute symptoms. (I still have an occasional light cough in the wake of my own bout with the virus.)

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Anonymous said...

Well, I hope the Mayo Clinic figures out what's wrong and can fix it!