You Say You Want A Resolution....

I've never been one to make New Years' resolutions. If I want or need to do something enough, I figure writing it down isn't necessary.

That said, these are resolutions that I should make for 2009, if I made New Years resolutions:

1: Work towards a more satisfying job. (Security work has its rewards, but it's the first job I've ever had where there are long periods of being, essentially, in "standby" mode; this drives me nuts.) Learn Excel, update my resume, keep my eyes open for suitable job openings, etc.

2: Try to do more work, more regularly, on my fiction writing.

3: Market the fiction I've already written.

4: Try to exercise regularly, and to lose some of the excess weight that's crept back on over the last few years.

5: Reduce/eliminate our debt (which isn't bad; not including the mortgage, we have less than $3,000 debt) and try to put more money into savings.

6: Try to get Hilde outfitted (netbook, voice-operated software, etc.) to where she can access the Internet herself.

That's the major stuff I'd like to see myself doing this next year. Some of it I probably will do, some will get partially done, and some may not get done at all.


akhilesh said...
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Bruce said...

*sigh* Only five hours for the first comment spam. [all hail the mighty "Delete Comment" button]

mjlayman said...

I wonder what attracted it.