I Vas Dere, Charlie

One of the shopping mall properties where I've doing security work had a major water line break yesterday, December 29th.

News video available here.

So I ended up with a lot of overtime hours, helping direct traffic around the flooded areas and get them to the remaining exits. The line of slow-moving traffic reminded me of when I was a kid and the family would go to the drive-in movies; at closing time, every car in the lot would try and get through the narrow exit lane at the same time. (With the source of the flooding on the east side of the property, and four exits on the west side, why did the Phoenix PD close down all but one of the western exits? A lot of people waiting in that line of cars had that question, and I had no answer for them.)

This was after a morning stint at another property. And then after the worst of the flooding was under control, I had to go out to a third property where the security officer had come down sick and finish his shift. So I ended up working a sixteen-hour day, and finally got home about 1:30 AM.


talpianna said...

They've made a film about you. Are you thrilled?


Bruce said...

One of the properties where I've been working has a Harkins multiplex theater, so, yes, I've seen the poster for PAUL BLART: MALL COP.

I'll probably go see it. (Not in uniform, even if the theater offers free popcorn.)

talpianna said...

I've seen the trailer on TV a few times. You may not be a candidate for Cirque de Soleil, Bruce, but believe me, you're not THAT clumsy!

Word Verification seems to be making more words--at least "words" I can invent meanings for:

spresse--instant espresso

Anonymous said...

Bruce! A flood in the desert! Doesn't that mean it's time for the Second Coming? Oh. Well.

talpianna, they seem to be trying to stick wordparts together.