Thursday afternoon, with the work on the office done and CopperCon not due to start until Friday, Hilde and I found ourselves both sitting in our recliners in the family room, deep into our respective books, quietly reading.

This doesn't happen very often. Too many things to do around the house, too little time to do them all. Too much time online, browsing and blogging. But once in a while....

I looked up from my book, looked over to Hilde, and said, "Y'know, this is nice. This is very nice to be together like this."

"Yes, it is," she replied.

We went back to our books. As it happened, the book I was reading was Jo Walton's Farthing, with a Wonderful Loving Couple as main characters, and about two pages after speaking to Hilde, came across this passage:
David and I went out into the garden. [...] We sat out there in the sunshine, though there were clouds coming in from the north and I could tell the bright weather wasn't going to last. We ate our salmon sandwiches and finished up the Montrachet and sat and read our books until the clouds came over quite heavily, when we went into the library, taking our cushions in with us.

[...] I kicked my shoes off and put my feet up on the leather couch in the library and settled down to read The Treasure Seekers for about the thirtieth tiime. David sat on the chair where Mummy had been sitting the other day [...] and took up Three Men In A Boat, which he said he'd never read and always meant to. Before long he was completely engrossed.

I felt like dozing off, and yet I didn't. I just lay there, half-reading the very familiar episodes, and looking over at David now and again, feeling quite content really, because I didn't mind being at Farthing at all now.
Serendipity. Good thing.

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