Catblogging -- Special COTD Editon

A few days ago on Cat Of The Day, the featured feline was one Memo, from Chile.

Besides being a strikingly handsome black cat, the accompanying text reported something unusual about Memo: returning from an outside foray, he had returned to his owners' doorstep carrying a young abandoned kitten in his mouth.

Most of us have heard of mother cats going to extrardinary lengths to rescue their own imperiled kittens (see Scarlett Saves Her Kittens), or of nursing cats accepting orphaned kittens from another litter... but this is the first time where I have ever heard of a male cat rescuing a kitten.

(Among feral cats, at least, the more usual reaction would be for a tom to attack and/or kill kittens not from its pack.)

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talpianna said...

A male cat usually kills kittens not his own so that the females will come into heat again and he can impregnate them. It's an evolutionary thing.

The only similar instance I know of is fictional, but may have been inspired by a real event. Martin, the yellow cat belonging to Henry Gamage, the hero of Elizabeth Daly's detective stories, brought home a yellow kitten one day. They named him Junior.