Guy Cooking

When you're a Guy, you're expected to cook things like roasts and steaks and chops, with a side of something starchy and deep-fried.

So, when a semi-regular foodblogging event announces that its next theme for entries will be "My Little Cupcake", what's a Guy to do?

Here, from Spiceblog, are the instructions for making your own Manly Cupcakes, an intriguing adaptation of Yorkshire Pudding, blood sausage, and a cranberry sauce "icing".

These'll put hair on your chest, deepen your voice, and add inches to your, ummm... your waistline! Yeh, that's what I meant to say, waistline.

- - - - - - - - - -

(As it turns out, a new European deli that opened up near us about a month ago actually makes it's own blutwurst!. So I'm actually planning on making some Manly Cupcakes of my own.)

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Anthony said...

Excellent! Give them a go and let me know how how they went. They're manly yum.