Catching Up

The household's high-speed Internet line went out last week, and just got fixed this afternoon. So I'm trying to catch up on e-mail, blogging, news sites, and all the other bad habits I've picked up in the last few years.

Other than the curling up into a fetal position under the computer desk, and the occasional high-pitched shriek of anguish, I don't seem to have had any withdrawal symptoms at being off the Net for an extended period.

And -- of course -- the e-mail stack actually contained real news:

I sold a short story. First since I started writing and submitting again last year. To a small-press anthology, REQUIEM OF THE RADIOACTIVE MONKEYS, that will be published later this year.

AND... I heard from the fellow who, a few years ago, took out a film option on "Death and the Ugly Woman", a story I had in one of the SWORD AND SORCERESS anthologies. He's (finally) gotten some serious interest on producing a sword-&-sorcery anthology-series for television. So "D&TUW" may eventually end up on the screen. (Or not. "Serious interest", in Hollywood-speak, can be pretty fragile.)

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