Seeing The Force Awakens -- with never-before-mentioned spoilers!

Hilde and Tabbi and I went to a late (10:30 PM) showing of The Force Awakens last night. The other half-dozen people in the theater were, I guess, the other six people in the world who hadn't seen in yet either.

By the way, THANK YOU, INTERNET! for actually keeping yourself sufficiently spoiler-free long enough for me to be surprised by some of the things in the movie.

(And... not surprised. As others have mentioned, it shares a lot of the look and feel and overall story-arc of 1977's original Star Wars. Well done, but there were moments I felt like I was watching a remake, rather than a sequel. I won't be surprised if it's nominated for a Hugo, but I'd be surprised if it won; 2015's had a bumper crop of good science fiction in movies and television, enough that there'll probably be loud cries of dismay about the works inevitably left off the final ballot.)

I've decided to go ahead and post a few spoilers about the film. Bonus spoilers, that I haven't seen anyone else post about yet. But I'll put them below a cut:

  • Luke Skywalker is strangely arousing when he puts on his sister's metal bikini.
  • You realize Han Solo is getting kinda old when he forgets where he parked the Millenium Falcon.
  • Who knew? BB-8 is what you get when a Death Star is accidentally washed in hot water.
  • A beloved character from the earlier films dies. But Admiral Ackbar's funeral is with full honors, and a nice lemon-butter sauce.
Oh, wait. Did I say "bonus spoilers"? Sorry, I meant BOGUS spoilers. My bad.

Kylo Ren's Staff Car

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