The Twitter So Far

So, after having been on Twitter for a couple of weeks, how do I like it?

My primary use, and initial reason for joining, was to follow and support some of the grass-roots opposition to the Foothills Library relocation proposal, the subject of most of the recent posts here. (Never my intent for UF to become a one-issue blog; the Foothills issue should reach a resolve when it finally gets voted on by City Council, probably sometime in mid-March. Posts here should get back to their regular varied mix after that.)

It's been useful for that. Bit of a learning curve, but the Twitter Help pages are pretty useful. (Not always the case with other sites and apps.)

I've added some non-library sites to follow, but it's something I'm doing slowly. A lot of chatter and small talk, a lot of interesting links. Fun, but also another time-sink, of which I always have too many. Even with following less than a dozen Twitter feeds, it's been hard to keep up sometimes. (That Scalzi fellow posts so often I sometimes suspect he Tweets in his sleep, or keeps clones chained to keyboards in his basement or something.)

I see some people on Twitter who are "Following" hundreds or even thousands of others. That seems... unsustainable. How many of those Twitter feeds do they actually read, and how do they pick and sort and choose?

If the fiction I've got out for submission to various markets starts selling, or if I ever get off my butt and finish prepping a couple of self-publishing projects I've had in mind, Twitter will probably be very useful for promotion and publicity.

In the meantime, I'll stick with it, with a bit of caution and an eye on the clock.

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Casi Nerina said...

I do my best not to get sucked into Twitter. I know I sometimes post a lot, but that's because I use things like HootSuite to schedule posts throughout the day. (Instead of Power Blasting them like some of my favorite authors... )

The only thing I've noticed is that people who Only send promotional tweets sound boring and whiny. Great platform for promotion, just make sure you're connecting too.