Weekly (Kinda) Links, 1/23/15

So, how's that "weekly" link-collection thing working out so far, Bruce?

Heh. I didn't say which kind of calendar I'd use to define "week", did I? Or from which planet?

On to actual links:

Writing and Publishing Links:

Walter Jon Williams announced his Dread Empire's Fall trilogy, a kick-ass space opera I highly recommend, is finally available in audiobook form.  (The books would also make for one helluva great series for HBO or other quality TV producers. That's a goddamn hint, Hollywood.)

World-At-Large Links (News & Politics):

The Rude Pundit, discussing the recent American Sniper film, reminds us in no uncertain terms what the Irag War really meant: "We're supposed to feel proud that men like Kyle defend us.  We should instead feel intensely angry that they died in vain."

Art Links:

Badass Cartoon Heroes

Muddy Colors, an outstanding artists blog,  recently featured "Journeys Begun: A Look Back At Two Years of SmART School" by Todd Lockwood, providing some striking examples of the jumps in quality achieved when motivated art students learn from capable instructors.

Food Links, Jackfruit Edition:

It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken, a charming vegan recipe site, provides a Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich recipe that looks delicious (and even a lot like real pulled pork!) and sounds good. It's been a long time since I've had jackfruit; I recall that the flavor was on the mild side, and the fruit a bit resistant to easy chewing; as a meat substitute, it probably works well in this recipe. I'll have to pick up some canned jackfruit next time I'm at the local Asian grocery, and give it a try.

If it's available and you want to use fresh jackfruit, here's a useful YouTube video.  The skin and rind of jackfruit produce a very sticky latex sap, especially when under-ripe, so take seriously the recommendation to oil your knives, cutting board, hands, and anything else you don't want to spend time and foul language on trying to clean up.

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