In Which I Wrestle With Tigers

I recently ordered several small items from online companyTigerDirect. This is the email I sent while waiting (and waiting) for TigerDirect's customer service department to answer my phone call:

At this moment, 11:20 AM, 1/3/13, I am going into my third hour of waiting for your customer service phone # to connect me to a representative.  If this is your idea of "service", it's a good way to keep first-time customers from ever being second-time customers.  Over two hours waiting so far, with no end in sight?  Would you tolerate that from any company YOU were trying to contact?

The problem I'm trying to contact you about is almost as absurd.  I made a recent order for two small items.  For some reason you decided to send these items separately.

I received a package today.  The package had not one but TWO shipping labels attached.  One label, UPS tracking # 1Z 9E1 248 03 5684 3664, was addressed to me.  The second label was not only addressed to someone completely different on the other side of the state, but the return address for that second label was NOT for TigerDirect; the return address was for an Office Depot about ten miles from where I live.

Both labels appeared to have been applied carefully and smoothed flat.

Can you explain how two different companies, thousands of miles apart, can put two different shipping labels on the same package?  Because I sure can't think how that could happen.

When I checked the package's contents, it turned out to be for the customer shown on the second label, the one from Office Depot to Sacaton, AZ.  No items from my order with you were included.

Since the package was delivered to me regardless, I assume UPS scanned the tracking # on the label addressed to me.  This would mean that whatever merchandise was SUPPOSED to be sent to me with that label is now classified as "Delivered."

So let me make it clear: NONE of my order has been delivered.  At this point, I'm not feeling too optimistic that ANY of my order will EVER be delivered.

And I'm especially not optimistic that your customer service reps for customers trying to phone in are EVER actually going to answer my phone call.  It's now close to THREE HOURS since I first called, and I'm still getting the recorded message asking me to wait. At this point, it's a question whether or not my call gets an answer or the phone's battery dies.

Could you do me a favor?  Can you show me that TigerDirect actually has even a tiny smidgen of care about its customers?  Then stand up from where you're reading this email, go over to wherever the phone reps are supposed to be working and WAKE THEM THE HELL UP, or tell them to call a stop to the hot craps game, or to stop photocopying their butts on the Xerox machine.  Because whatever it is they've been doing for at least the past three hours, it's NOT providing service to customers.

If I sound furious and disgusted, it's because I am.  How have you managed to stay in business so many years?

Bruce Arthurs

Yes, I get grumpy sometimes.

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D Gary Grady said...

Two possible guesses for how you got a package with two labels from two different companies:

1. The label on the Tiger Direct package to you was badly applied, causing it to fall off or peel up or otherwise get transferred to Office Depot box for someone else. It could have wound up well-attached thanks to the intervention of a helpful for inattentive UPS employee.

2. Mail-order vendors often use third-party businesses called fulfillment companies to take care of the actual order processing and shipping. It's conceivable that Office Depot and Tiger Direct use the same company, which is somehow responsible for the screwup. I think this is less likely because both outfits are so large that they likely run their own fulfillment operations.