News, And A New Profile Photo

The new photo is over there in the sidebar. It's been nearly two years since I had to shave off my long-time (33 years) beard for the security guard job, so I'm finally breaking down and putting my naked face online. I still want my beard back. *mrff*

The news is that the film option for my short story "Death And The Ugly Woman" was renewed. The option is for a projected anthology series, sort of like Masters of Horror , only adapting fantasy stories to the screen. Whether this will ever end up with D&TUW being produced . . . well, we'll see. But it means I get a check for another couple years option on the story. And considerable egoboo that they considered the story worth optioning again.


Anonymous said...

(blogger is still not taking my OpenID comments)

Wow, you really do look younger with the beard shaved! And that's great news about the option!


AgTigress said...

I'm sad you had to remove the beard.

Shackie D. Shark said...

your story is one of the most memorable ones in the S&S books. looked you up because of it :D i might be years late in saying this but again, great work sir!