I'm finally switching over to the New Blogger template, which allows you to do more customization and arrangement of features than the old version.

New Blogger actually got introduced several years ago, but I've resisted the changeover because some people had major problems with the transition.

I'm having a few too. It may take a while until I get things placed just so, with doilies and slipcovers and window treatments where I want them. Until then, the blog still seems to be functional, if a bit funky.


talpianna said...

If you have problems, it's likely because you have a Gremlin in the works...

Anonymous said...

Awww, cute baby!

Don Fitch said...

For whatever it might be worth, your new Blogger format shows up in my (admittedly antique) browser
(Internet Explorer v. 5 for Mac)

...Don Fitch

Gary Farber said...

I switched to new blogger long ago, but it didn't change anything in my template, and I didn't change anything because of it. Although I've desperately needed a redesign for years, but I lack the energy and attention to get to it.