Bruce Arthurs: The Bibliography

Short Stories

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"Beks and the Second Note", ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S MYSTERY MAGAZINE, December 2016
(finalist for Best Short Story, 2017 Derringer Awards)

"Cannibal Sorcerer" (with Evangeline Walton),  MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY'S FANTASY MAGAZINE, Summer 1993
(NOTE: The title as published was trimmed drastically from the title as submitted.  If this little piece ever gets republished, I'd like to see its original title restored: "Tale of the Cannibal Sorcerer, or, The Anthropophage Mage")

"Death and the Ugly Woman", Sword and Sorceress IV, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1987

"Falling to the Edge of the End of the World", Grails: Quests of the Dawn, ed. Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg & Edward E. Kramer, Penguin/Roc 1994
(NOTE: Grails: Quest of the Dawn was one of two trade paperbacks -- the other was Grails: Visitations of the Night -- published by Roc in 1994.  Grails was originally published in a 1-volume edition by Unnameable Press in 1992, but that edition did not include about a half-dozen stories added to the trade paperback editions. "Falling to the Edge of the End of the World" was one of the added stories.)
"In The Days Of Mister Cuddles", STRANGE BEASTIES, Third Flatiron Publishing, 2017

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