Well. That Happened.

One day after the election, I'm still stunned.

The future is looking pretty damn dark and murky right now.

This is what I know for certain.

  • The garbage still needs to be put out for pickup.
  • Laundry still needs to be done.
  • There are bills I still need to get paid.
  • The litter boxes still need cleaning.
  • Some prescriptions still have to be refilled.
  • Groceries still have to be bought.
  • The planters & yard still need watering.

That's all I can say right now.

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D Gary Grady said...

This is true: Well past midnight on election night I heard a noise outside my bedroom and looked out to see a live-catch mousetrap moving around. I'd put it out a few nights ago based on suspicion I might have a mouse, and apparently I did. My guess is that the mouse heard my television and decided to end it all, not realizing it was a live-catch trap. The next morning I released the mouse a few blocks from my house, and when I set it free it looked up at me a moment, puzzled, as if to ask it had been a dream. I sadly shook my head. and the mouse walked slowly off in the general direction of Canada.