Rusty, the Good Little Dalek

The most recent episode of Doctor Who, "Into The Dalek", leaves an opening for a tie-in series of books aimed at younger readers:


Rusty clearly needs a sidekick/companion by his side.  And who better than another veteran of Doctor Who, the robot dog K-9?

"K-9, I can't believe you abandoned me to pal around with a Dalek!"

Together, Rusty and K-9 will go around the universe doing good deeds -- "Mister Rusty, I'm being bullied at school!" "I WILL EXTERMINATE THEM!" -- and putting the "tin" back in Rin Tin Tin*.

*"Rusty" was the name of the boy who ran around with Rin Tin Tin in the 1954-1959 tv series RIN TIN TIN. It takes an old fart like me to come up with these far-fetched connections, you know.

(oh-so-suitable photo found on John Spade's Tumblr page.)

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