Watching Gravity

Yeah, almost everyone else in the world watched Gravity on a big* screen in the theaters when it came out last year. Hilde and I finally got around to watching it from Netflix last night.  The early trailers I saw on TV actually made me reluctant to watch it on a big screen; the many vertiginous sequences of spinning and tumbling were dizzying enough on the small screen.

Great action movie.  One non-stop, barely-survivable crisis after another.  Sort of a gun-free Die Hard sans the human villainy of Alan Rickman.

Post-viewing, some of the presentation and science is questionable.  Here's a list. That "The cables are slipping!" scene gave me momentary pause while watching, but most of what was on the screen was stuff I willingly suspended any disbelief in until afterwards.

As an action movie, I'd give it about a 9 on a 1-to-10 scale.  On the space-geek scale, about a 7.

And I learned that Hilde really doesn't like George Clooney.  (Just because he's a smug jerk who tends to play smug jerks onscreen....) At least he disappears** from the story fairly early on.

*"big" has a flexible value here.  The screens in movie multiplexes are a lot smaller than they were in the standalone theaters I frequented in my youth and young adulthood (though the multiplex screens have gotten better in recent years; for a while, some of the multiplex screens weren't much bigger than the bigger flat-screen TVs found in "home theaters".)  Watching the opening scenes of the first Star Wars movie on the Cine Capri's humonguous screen (70' x 30') was the very definition of awesome.

**Twice, actually, if you want to be picky.


Anonymous said...


I recently read in one of your comments on Belinda Pollard's blog that an envious guy where you worked gave you a hard time after your script for ST:TNG was accepted.

Intrigued, as I used to love ST:TNG growing up, I looked up which episode it was, and I just want to say I remember that one fondly! (I probably saw it just once as a teenager, in the 1990s, here in the UK.) Clever, enjoyable story.

TNG and other TV sci-fi were a huge inspiration to me, both science-wise (in terms of my uni studies) and story-wise (as a current writer myself). So, I just wanted to say thank you. Not often you get to thank someone who brought pleasure to (and informed) your childhood.

I (almost) never forget a great story.

Bruce said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

(Even when you post as "Anonymous", you can still append your name or a nom-de-Internet at the end of your comment. Just saying.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry! It's Emma. :-)