The Problem With Polyester

I used to have no problem wearing polyester or other synthetic fabrics, but I seem to have developed an increasing sensitivity to synthetics over the years.  I was reminded of this at work recently when the weather cooled and I switched from my usual all-cotton shorts to the polyester dress pants issued as part of the uniform.  After several nights wearing the dress pants, I noticed a fairly extensive rash on my legs.

I've noticed a similar rash developing under the upper cuffs of my socks, which are mostly cotton but have synthetic fibers and elastic in the upper areas.

This seems to be yet another annoyance of getting older.  Synthetic fabrics, once upon a time back in my twenties or thirties, tended to be sweaty and uncomfortable, but that was all.  Poly-cotton blends, like the uniform shirts I wore during my thirty years with the Postal Service, were tolerable for a long time.  But even the blended fabrics have been feeling itchier in more recent years; I always wear a cotton undershirt with the poly-cotton uniform shirts at my current job.

Don't really like wearing long underwear with pants, though.  I'll ask my bosses at work if getting some black cotton twill pants of my own for work would be an acceptable substitute for the polyester slacks.  As for the socks, it looks like I can get some organic cotton socks from a company called Maggie's Organics that use cotton-wrapped latex and natural rubber to keep the socks from sagging; they just cost twice as much as normal socks, *sigh*.

Probably not what they want me to wear at work.

I've actually seen this coming for a while, which is why the #2 entry on my list of Edicts To Proclaim when the Revolution comes and I'm thrust into my rightful position as Semi-Benevolent World Dictator is "#2: Polyester clothing -- BANNED!"

(Well, of course I'm going to end up as World Dictator some day.  Who else?  And when I say I'll be "Semi-Benevolent", at least you know I'll be an honest World Dictator.) (The #1 Edict will be "#1: Library overdue fines will be tax-deductible."  I keep my priorities straight, thank you.)

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