A Few Brief Thoughts On MAN OF STEEL

It's loud. 

It's long.  (Only two hours.  Felt longer.)

I could have used a break from the extended action/fight sequences.

Also: "shaky cam". 

The sheer amount of destruction in Smallville and Metropolis must have caused at least 50,000 or so deaths.  (I was reminded of Kid Miracleman's London rampage in Alan Moore's MIRACLEMAN comic.)  Yet we see few actual deaths or bodies, and most of those seem to be members of the military.

I'm getting a little tired of seeing falling/collapsing/exploding skyscrapers in sci-fi action movies.  (This movie has a lot of falling skyscrapers.)

I thought the best action sequence in the movie was actually the rescue from the oil rig.  A bare-chested Henry Cavill on fire actually communicates a sense of this guy is not fucking human better than a skinsuited-and-caped Henry Cavill punching through buildings like a bullet.  Once he puts on the costume, he becomes less interesting.*

Perry White and other Daily Planet employees, with the exception of Lois Lane, barely impinged on the story.  (And why did the writers decide to turn irritating twit Jimmy Olsen into irritating female twit Jenny?)

In short, while I enjoyed the movie, I had some reservations, and thought it could have been better done.

*I have a fondness for superheroes whose costumes are "off the rack".  Wild Dog is one, a vigilante whose crime-fighting outfit is largely sports equipment and who drives a pickup.  I especially liked Iron Munro, a "pre-Superman" in t-shirt and jeans Roy Thomas created for YOUNG ALL-STARS, a teen-team-superhero comic set in the early days of WWII.

Wild Dog
Iron Munro

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