Oh, The Things You'll Learn!

We've been having a friend and her two-year old daughter stay with us in recent months.

Having Bronwyn around means that we've been exposed to more children's programming and DVDs aimed at the pre-school market than usual. ("Usual" being equivalent to "none".)

Short overview: The Wiggles, good. (They're amusing and have considerable charm.) The Doodlebops, bad. (They're not amusing, not charming, and the costuming makes me want to call, not the Fashion Police, but the fashion Death Squads. Like the Teletubbies, the Doodlebops is a show best watched on drugs.)

But what I really wanted to mention is the hidden connection between Sesame Street and science-fiction:

On the DVD for ELMO IN GROUCHLAND, the annoying little Elmo character ends up briefly at the bottom of Oscar the Grouch's garbage can.

Which looks to be about several thousand square feet in area.

Yes, Oscar's garbage can is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

You can see the implications of this, can't you?

Yes, Oscar the Grouch is a Time Lord!

This explains much.


talpianna said...

Oscar would be more convincing in the role than the current Dr. Who.

Dichroic said...

Or possibly he lives in Narnia.