No Shuck, No Jive, It's Two Thousand Five!

And how the hell did I ever end up there when I live in the present? 2005 has always been part of the future, one of those dates you only see in some of those crazy sci-fi books.

Looking back at 2004... not a bad year, for Hilde and me. Hilde's health stayed fairly stable, with no major flare-ups or surgeries. (Unusual, and welcome.) My own comprehensive checkup at the Mayo Clinic showed no major problems (though my shoulder problem might eventually require surgery if it worsens over time). We were pretty comfortable financially, and even got a few unexpected windfalls at the end of the year that let us pay off one of the credit cards. I revived my old personalzine, UNDULANT FEVER, as this weblog. And I finally started writing some fiction again, and sending the stories out to markets.

On the non-personal front... 2004 wasn't so hot. The biggie, Bush's election, of course. (I may do up a list of predictions of what I think is likely to happen over the next four years; it won't be pretty.) The tsunami disaster, and ongoing crisis, in the Indian Ocean nations. And other charming and alarming news across the nation and world.

Addendum, 1/2/05: As it turned out, after posting the above, 2005 got off to a bad start, when a slight headache turned into a BIG headache, and nausea, and vomiting, etc. I went back to bed a couple of hours after posting, and have been there until this morning. (I'm starting to feel a bit more normal.)

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